Friday, 12 December 2014

An Update For You...

#1 - Supercrush pre-orders are up on the webstore now. Ships late February. First 100 on blue vinyl so act fast!

Click Here NOW to Order!

#2 - Kent State's "Samsara" 7" is at the plant now. Waiting on test presses, should be out by March. Going to be a pretty limited released to coincide with some USA touring. Very excited to get this one out, I'm the world's biggest Kent State fanboy so when I say that this is the best stuff Nick's ever done, you can believe it!

#3 - Sabertooth LP is being mastered and artwork completed now. Will be sending to the plant in January for a (hopefully) April release. If you liked the last 7" we put out you are going to love this.

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