Thursday, 27 March 2014

It gets tougher than tough

Hey it's almost April, time for a March update. Yeah. The Woolworm/Grown-Ups split 7" is shipping now. Go to the store and order it and it will be on your doorstep almost immediately (not a guarantee). Woolworm have some shows coming up, check out their facebook page for more details. Grown-Ups aren't a band anymore but might play a couple last shows. Check out their facebook page as well for some other details should they happen.

While you're in the midst of checking things out, check out this episode of In It To Spin It, a Vancouver music show, that features a nice little interview with Woolworm during their release show. They tip you off to a future release we are doing, so see if you can spot it. More info on that soon...

Listen to that Jook reissue on Sing Sing.