Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Supercrush 2nd 7"

I'm really happy to announce that my next release will be the new 7" from Vancouver's SUPERCRUSH. The first Supercrush 7" instantly became one of my fave records of last year, and they went to the very top of my wish list of bands I'd hope to one day be able to convince to release a record with. It's really really rare to hear a band mesh the energy and spirit of pretty much all my favourite bands (Doughboys, Swervedriver, Mega City Four) while remaining fresh and unique at the same time.

The new two-song 7" is currently in the very early pressing stages, and will hopefully be available towards the end of this year or early next. The record will be co-released with Painter Man Records from Seattle, who will be handing the US distribution side of things while I take care of the Canadian side. We'll be posting cover art and a preview track as we get closer to release date, along with pre-order info in about a month's time. 

In other news, we're hard at work on a new Kent State 7", which I have been listening to non-stop since I got the mastered tracks back and they blow me away every time I hear them. This should also be out around the same time as the above-mentioned Supercrush record. A fitting one-two punch if you ask me. 

Thanks for reading, whoever you are. 

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