Saturday, 18 July 2015

July Update

Shit it's been too long since I even remembered this site exists. If anyone checks it, well, thanks, but sorry, and also, just check out the big cartel page for any updates if you want something timely...

Now then, some news:

1) Kent State 7" was released around mid-May. Oasis meets Brainbombs. The best stuff Nick has done yet. Buy it now, today, here. 

2) Cancers one-sided 7": I am still somewhat in shock one of my fave current bands wanted to do a record on this label but here it is. Two songs, one side, etched b-sided, super limited (only 180 pressed) and going fast! This is a pre-order but will be shipping before the end of July! Order now by clicking this sentence I made extra long to induce more views. 

3) Empty Heads 7": Shipping by end of July as well, so grab this and the Cancers at the same time and save some postage and increase some good vibes! Like Cancers, Empty Heads features an ex-member of Unfun, is pretty noisey and raw but also catchy as hell. I'm kinda proud of myself for coming up with the line "Bleach meets Bivouac" to describe this band so I can only assume 6-7 other labels have used this line first to describe bands they have put out and have felt the need to name drop Jawbreaker and Nirvana. Fuck it. Empty Heads are touring across the US and Canada all of August so hit them up and also: order this record right this very second please!

4) There's been a bunch of distro items added to the site, of note would be the new Woolworm 7" (and wow does this thing ever kill), the first Supercrush 7" (although it might be sold out by the time you see this, the Jiffy Marker/Dysnea Boys split 7" and the latest No Problem LP. And a lot more as well. Check that shit out here. 

5) The next record up for release is the final Sabertooth LP. To be honest I don't have a clue when to expect it since it's been in production for the last 6 months, so whenever the pressing plant feels like getting to it would be greatly appreciated. Let's just say it will be out something in 2015 and god bless Record Store Day.

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